Delivering analytics solutions requires a unique touch

Everyones experienced their favourite report. At Artigence, we believe its about how we recreate that moment in time and make it modern. Its about creating a solid foundation through a data estate thats built from business needs, wants and desires. With this, we can then approach the frontier of AI.


We're experts in the Microsoft Data & Azure cloud space. Data Engineering & Data Science covering 15+ services, here are our highlights.

  • Microsoft Power BI

    Our customers love Power BI, building engaging reports and powerful data models. Playbooks for becoming a data-driven business.

  • Azure Synapse

    Microsoft's no limits analytics service. It's not about big data but choice! T-SQL or Spark (PySpark, SparkSQL) everyones supported.

  • Databricks

    From the founders of Apache Spark. Our love for Apache Spark is it's ability to flex for simple through to difficult analytical problems.

  • Azure Machine Learning

    We can build and test multiple models. The real challenge is embracing Responsible AI through best practice frameworks.


Whether it be data estates, business intelligence and/or machine learning. We use our customer tested approaches to ensure an empowering experience for yourself and your company. Lets take a look at business intelligence.

Your output

Ultimately we'll help you define your personalised outputs but here are the common ones.

  • ENGAGINGReports
  • EMPOWERINGDatasets
  • NEEDS DRIVENData science