Mobile App development, Website Development, UX design

Your app spec starts with an idea, from there your brilliant app and finally an ecosystem.

How do we get there? A scalable app, be it mobile or a website. Our goal, from design to release you have an amazing empowering experience and arrive to a Go To Market version of your product for a refined version of your idea you fell in love with. We want to create a partnership as we see your app and its ecosystem flourish in its community.


Being mobile app development and website development ninjas and azure cloud veterans means we got you covered on all fronts. These are some of our favourite tech that our customers use.

  • React Native

    React Native empowers us to use a single code base to target IOS and Android, lowering the cost of development. React is for websites. Both are free and open source, originally developed by Facebook.

  • Figma

    Having a design is crucial before starting development. It doesn't have to be perfect but it makes sure everyones on the same page. Have you started yours? or maybe we can for you?

  • Stripe

    How will your customers pay? Subscriptions or one-time purchase. Apple Pay, Google Pay, Visa Debit or even Direct Debit. Are you applying tax correctly? well Stripe automates all of that for you.

  • Twilio

    Twilio's SMS platform allow branded sms and then Twilio's SendGrid platform allows for drag and drop email template creation. Perfect for your notification goodness.


Let's get started

Its time to create your app's spec; this is the starting for mobile app development well really any web or mobile devopment. Couple this technical specification with your business brief and you're ready to comence.

01. First up, where will people access it.

02. In the app, people can.

03. Download your spec.



We need to know what the users are able to do and their goal. Start a list and write in the format "As an x i can do y so that i achieve z"


Development is done in milestones. So we'll agree a priority of actions to be worked on leading up to a milestone. Then at the milestone we decide if we want to release.


Technology is hard and mistakes can happen. What's important is we learn from them and evolve to being even more productive. Welcome to the retrospective.


A key decision for knowing what to prioritise is the budget for this app. I want to work with you to land on the most optimal app for your moneys worth. This means removing certain user actions or adding less complicated workarounds for features.


So we get to the end of the journey and we've got our beautiful looking app. Well we should go back to the brainstorming! what does the future hold. Doesn't mean we have to develop it now but you need a plan V2, V3 ... to let your app grow.